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StatusMC notifies you in case of an outage

Get Notified

In case of an issue your users can notify you through your statuspage using our report form.

StatusMC lets you display your status on your website

Status Widgets

StatusMC lets you display the status of your services on your site with our status widgets.

StatusMC lets you create services on your statuspage


We enable you to showcase a 90-day view of your server's uptime over time with historical uptime.

Monitor your servers

Ping Monitor

At the core of StatusMC is our ping monitor feature, designed to keep a close eye on Your websites, simply enter the URL of the site you want to track and we will start monitoring it within 5 minutes. Our monitor is capable of looking for specific keywords on your site and will notify you when they are found on your site. HTTP statuses are another vital part of a website's health. With our monitoring system you'll be promptly notified of any unexpected HTTP code responses, helping you minimize downtime.

Minecraft Query

What separates us from other statuspage providers is that we are catered towards Minecraft server owners. Our Minecraft Query monitor is designed to keep you updated on your server's status. Setting up the monitor is simple and fast. Just provide the IP address or domain name of your Minecraft server and we will start querying it.

TPS Monitoring

Keeping a close eye on your server's TPS is crucial for ensuring smooth gameplay and maintaining a playerbase. With StatusMC's TPS monitor you can effortlessly monitor your server for any TPS changes and be notified of them instantly via email, an automatic incident or a webhook. Getting notified fast of any TPS drops is crucial to ensuring optimal server performance, no one wants to play on a laggy server. Stay ahead of potential issues and take proactive measures to maintain a lag-free experience for your players.

SMTP Monitoring

With our SMTP server monitor you can effortlessly check the status of your SMTP server. Setting up the monitor is a breeze. Simply enter your SMTP server's details and we will start monitoring it. StatusMC's SMTP server monitor provides you with timely alerts whenever your server experiences downtime. Be the first to know about any outages, allowing you to take action and restore your email service promptly.

What do we do in an outage?

StatusMC creates an incident in case of an outage
We create an incident
StatusMC sends an email in case of an outage
We send an email
StatusMC calls a webhook in case of an outage
We call a webhook

Create your statuspage and start monitoring

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